Without A Cue Kids

On Halloween night, 1955, mysterious magician and uncle of the famous novelist Carolanne Kayne went missing, and his disappearance was never solved.  However, a new clue has been discovered by our favorite girl detective, and she needs the help of you amateur sleuths to find Gabriel!  She recently found an old book in an antique store that once belonged to Gabriel Kayne's personal library. Hidden in the pages was a letter from Gabriel to his niece, and an old newspaper clipping about that night. With these new clues and your help, she knows she can solve this mystery!
These are dark times in the land of gnome.  The key of Gallath has disappeared, as well as the gnome protectors of the key and its secrets.  You have been called on to not only find the key, but also put a stop to the dark forces of La'Dorian, the wizard you believe has stolen it.  It is up to you and your friends to find the missing gnomes and key, as the fate of all Gnomeland rests in the balance.  Your team of investigators will work together to solve the Mystery of Gnomeland, and perhaps partake of the treasure the key unlocks - should you find it!
In 1892, Colonel Charles D. Macintosh disappeared from his mansion - and his disappearance was never solved!  Not only that, he is said to have left behind a treasure hidden somewhere in his home, and it is up to you to find it!  Every year, a group of psychics and paranormal investigators gather at the old mansion in hopes of solving the mystery - and this year, you have been invited!  Join us to help solve the mystery at Macintosh Mansion!‚Äč
We have a mission for you, if you choose to accept it.  As a team of Super Secret Agents, it is your job to protect the security of the WHOLE WORLD - and a theft has occurred that puts us all in jeopardy.  The theft of the Indigo Diamond from the National Museum of Nations is more than the theft of a jewel - it is also the release of a dangerous weapon.  Your team will track the clues with the hopes of bringing a triumphant end to the Secret Agent Hunt.

Mystery Hunts!

Without A Cue Kids' Mystery Hunts are an awesome interactive and fun activity for your child's special day.  These creative and quirky scavenger hunts team up your child and his friends, as they solve riddles, search your home for clues, and race to solve an entertaining mystery.  

All of our Mystery Hunts are suitable for ages 8-12 and groups up to 12 children.  Every theme includes:

  • An hour long scavenger hunt, lead by two of our experienced actors.
  • Prizes for the winners.
  • All clues and props.
  • A custom designed invitation graphic we can prepare for you to send electronically to your guests.

Pricing for our Mystery Hunts starts at $600.  Please call 267.994.1056 or email admin@withoutacue.com for a personalized quote.