Today, the doors of the Fairy Tale Castle are opened to all of the princes and princesses of the land.  On this day every year, every new princess receives her scepter during the Royal Welcome.  However, when the mean witch Fabulosa steals the Royal Scepter, it is up to all the little royalty to find her hiding place in the woods!

It is fairy naming day in Fairy Tale Woods, and your daughter and all of her friends will get their fairy names at a secret fairy naming ceremony.  However, when the naughty wizard Zalamar appears and steals the pixie dust, it is up to your little star and her friends to help track him down through the magical forest to get the dust back!

Everyone wants to be a superhero, and today your little one and her friends get a chance!  As the children pick their names and superpowers, the greatest superhero of all, Commander Amazing, grants everyone their super powers. But oh no!  Is that the evil villain, Stinging Dart, in the corner?  When Commander Amazing is overcome by his nemesis, it is the job of your little super hero to get Amazing's powers back!

Everyone gets to become a pirate today, and with the gift of a magical gold debloon, they will also get their pirate names! Unfortunately, Captain Crook is about, and before the ceremony is done, he steals the gold debloons! With the help of his pirate friends, your little pirate will track down Captain Crook and get the bounty back!

Without A Cue Kids

Munchkin Mysteries!

Children's Birthday Parties for Ages 3-6.

Without A Cue Kids' Munchkin Mysteries are the perfect way to celebrate your child's special day.  During a magical theatrical production, your child will become the star, and with the help of his friends, solve a mystery.  Your child's imagination will be let loose as he enjoys a birthday romp through the special world of his choice.

Two experienced and animated actors will come to your home to set up everything you will need for the production and activity.   All you have to do is have a birthday cake ready!

All of our Munchkin Mysteries are suitable for ages 3-7 and groups up to 12 children.  Every theme includes:

  • A half hour interactive production, in which your child takes center stage.
  • A half hour activity with the characters (supplies included in package).
  • A costume for your child.
  • A half hour to take pictures with the characters.

Pricing for our Munchkin Mysteries starts at $600.  Please call 267.994.1056 or email for a personalized quote.