Without A Cue Murder Mystery Parties - Ages 13-17

Without A Cue murder mystery parties are perfect for teens! Invite two of our actors into your home or local restaurant, and we will produce a unique mystery experience for your teen and a group of up to 20 of her closest friends. All of the guests will be given an opportunity to play a role, so you could even make it a costume party.  The guests not only get to solve the mystery, but will get to act it out as well!  Through a series of games and suspect interrogations, clues will be dropped, and eventually each guest will be asked his theory on the crime.

Pricing for our Mini Mysteries starts at $600.  Please call 267.994.1056 or email admin@withoutacue.com for a personalized quote.

In 1892, Colonel Charles D. Macintosh was murdered in his mansion - and his murder was never solved!  Some say he still haunts the halls of the home he built, and that his spirit will never be free until his killer is revealed.  Every year, a group of psychics and paranormal investigators gather at the old mansion to try to contact his ghost in hopes of solving the mystery - and this year, you have been invited!  However, it appears that tonight's guests aren't exclusively among the living. Join us to help solve the mystery at Macintosh Mansion!

Tyler Quick is on the set of Big American Star as a judge of the ultra popular talent show. The contestants have been whittled down to a mere handful, and the competition is fierce. The performers have been practicing their acts non-stop with the hopes of being chosen for the finals. But rumors have been flying that the backstage atmosphere is negatively charged – perhaps even murderously so. When the contestants begin to have life threatening “accidents,” it is up to Tyler Quick to solve the mystery before the competition turns deadly.

Eddie and Ella have gathered everyone together for their annual Vampire Ball.  This year, all of the vampires the world over have traveled to Paris to celebrate.  However, the guest of honor is missing, and rumor is that his indiscretions over the past year may have made him one enemy too many.  When he is found staked among the ornate decorations in the reception hall, it is up to you to solve this "Murder at Twilight."

Mrs. Merriweather can hardly believe it, but it is time to start planning her daughter’s debutante ball. Magnolia Merriweather’s cotillion is going to be the event of the Atlanta social season, and her mother has invited Magnolia’s closest friends to tea to help plan the event. All the ladies are thrilled to be able to give their input, but they are even more excited by the special guest – Magnolia’s dashing and handsome cousin Brett, who is visiting from South Carolina. Several of the ladies have become rather starry eyed over Brett, and the competition for his affections is intense. However, will that competition turn deadly in this land of murder and magnolias? (LADIES ONLY.)

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